Holographic Acupressure Discs – Performance

$19.95 Pack of 35 Discs


The Holographic Acupressure Discs™ are a form of acupressure through holographic technology. They are a non-invasive, do-it-yourself and affordable option for general wellness. Our discs are designed to enhance athletic performance, while prolonging endurance and stamina.

How To Apply The Discs:

We suggest that you research John Schaeffer’s book, Acupressure Using Holographic Technology, with respect to performance for meridian placements.

  • Place the first disc directly on the meridian that influences the type of performance you wish to enhance.
  • If the meridian is not center mass on the body, place an additional disc on the opposite side of the body. For example, if you are placing a performance disc on your left arm, you would also place a performance disc on the same location on the right arm.

Click below for placement locations:

Chest Strength Marathon Leg and Back StrengthLeg StrengthArm StrengthTotal Body Strength



The Performance discs are amazing! I used them throughout most of my athletic career.

– Apolo Ohno, Most decorated Olympic Winter Athlete in US History

I was skeptical about whether the discs worked. I put them on and noticed a definite positive difference in the consistency of my endurance and performance throughout the whole day.

Louie Vito, Olympic and World Snow Board Champion

I noticed such a huge difference with the performance discs that John had to yell at me for over using them. I was sticking them inside my helmet and body pads, but I only really needed two discs total for the same effect.

Stevenson “Sly” Sylvester, NFL Linebacker

This is an amazing product. I recommend the discs to my patients.

Dr. Job Menges, Orthopedic Surgeon

A Word Of Caution:

  • Using holograms when pregnant must only be attempted under a physician’s guidelines. Especially avoid stimulation to LI-4 (LI-4 can induce premature labor), K-3 (K-3 can cause unhealthy fetus reaction), and SP-6 (SP-6 can induce premature labor and cause unhealthy fetus reactions.)
  • Never apply holograms over any type of burn.
  • Never apply holograms over open wounds.
  • Never apply holograms over a newly formed scar.
  • As with all acupressure, avoid abdominal points with serious or threatening diseases, such as intestinal cancer, serious cardiac conditions, and leukemia. Again, anyone with serious medical issues must always consult their physician before using holographic technology acupressure.
  • To really enhance the effect of hologram acupressure, consideration should be given to diet, exercise, rest and relaxation.
  • Holograms can influence elevated blood pressure when placed on specific meridians. Always be extremely careful to consult your physician prior to using holograms, especially if elevated blood pressure could create a greater health risk.
  • Holograms can improve blood flow and circulation. Anyone with bleeding disorders or disease should consult his or her physician prior to use.
  • Special interest people should always consult their physician prior to attempting holographic acupressure home therapy. Special interest would be defined as someone who is not 100% perfectly normal from a medical standard in relationship to their health, fitness, or mental state.

To learn more about the proper use and placements for holographic acupressure, Click here to get a copy of John Schaeffer’s Acupressue Using Holographic Technology book.


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