Kevin from Reading, Pa.


Louie Vito – Olympic Snowboarder


Vitalij Kuprij – Keyboardist for Trans Siberian Orchestra


Louie Vito Sr.


Gideon Massie – Olympic Cyclist


Phillip Njisante – Olympic Sprint Cyclist


Richard Maudreau – Professional Football

The Relief & Performance discs are amazing! I used them throughout most of my athletic career.

Apolo Ohno, Most decorated Olympic Winter Athlete in US History

On Pain Relief Discs:

I damaged my ankle and was skeptical about whether the discs worked. I put them on and the pain went away. After a few runs, the pain came back. I pulled my boot off to find that the discs had come off. I re-applied the discs and the pain disappeared again.

On Improved Sleep Discs:

I am flying and traveling around the world almost constantly and am in a different bed almost every other night. Sleep has been a constant issue for me until I started using the holographic discs. I put them on and noticed a definite positive difference in the quality of my sleep throughout the whole night.

On Performance Discs:

I was skeptical about whether the discs worked. I put them on and noticed a definite positive difference in the consistency of my endurance and performance throughout the whole day.

Louie Vito, Olympic and World Snow Board Champion

On Pain Relief Discs:

I would be in so much pain after a game that I could not sleep at night. When I put the discs on, the pain was gone and I could sleep.

On Performance Discs:

I noticed such a huge difference with the performance discs that John had to yell at me for over using them. I was sticking them inside my helmet and body pads, but I only really needed two discs total for the same effect.

Stevenson “Sly” Sylvester, NFL Linebacker

Proper rest is a huge part of being ready to play day after day. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping until I tried the discs and was amazed at the quality of sleep I received when I used the discs.

Robert “Rojo” Johnson, NFL Defensive Back

The discs reduced the need for pain medication for my arthritic shoulder and knee. This is an amazing product. I recommend the discs to my patients.

Dr. Job Menges, Orthopedic Surgeon

Going on tour, I needed to lose weight. Using the discs, I lost 35 lbs. in 10n weeks.

Vitalij, Musician with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I had been using prescription sleep aids for years. They helped me fall asleep but not for very long. Once I’d wake up it was very difficult for me to go back to sleep. These discs help me relax right away so I have no difficulty falling asleep. Even if I wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I can go back to sleep and feel well rested in the morning..

Nancy Nurse – Reading, PA

As a teenager, weighing 285 lbs. utilizing the discs and the menu, I reduced my weight to 175 lbs. within 6 months.

Clare – PA

“I have been in the Martial Arts for over 30 years. Now that I am in my 40′s it gets harder and harder to train. I have some lower back pain at times and feet pain (Plantar Fasciitis). I tried the Relief Patches and they help the pain a lot. After working out my recovery time has been much better too. I was sold instantly!!!”

Craig Welliver – CA

“..due to an accident, I have been in physical therapy for a year to gain back the use of my left arm…after John put the relief discs on I was able to lift my arm over my head for the first time in years…”

Becky C. – Fremont, CA

“..While in San Diego on vacation with 5 of my grandchildren. Walking and chasing along with holding hands, packages. Life went uninterrupted the pain disc on my neck and hip. Within minutes Nana did not skip a beat…”

Diane G. – Ukiah, CA

“…I was very skeptical but my long-term hip pain has went away…I also put one on my forehead and now I can concentrate better…”

Sheri March – Illinois

“…After my skiing accident it relieved my pain enough that I was able to rest comfortably and sleep thru the night…”

Dr. Sanchez – Pleasanton, CA

“…immediately I felt more tingling in my arm…I am a lot more comfortable and the pain has subsided…”

Rudy – San Jose, CA

“…I’m totally amazed how effective this little Disc is. Has performed well on Neck, Elbow and wrist…”

Stephen Johnson – Lakeview, AL

“I’ve had low back for seven months. The doctor prescribed several medications that did not work. The side effects were awful. I tried the pain relief disc’s & had almost immediate relief. I slept better, focused better & could actually exercise again. When I ran out of the disc’s, the pain eventually returned. My back pain is from a herniated disc. The pain relief disc’s work really well for me & as a nurse, I like the fact they are non-medicated so I can work pain free without any side effects.”

Susan Golden

“I participated in a MS Walk in Sacramento over the past weekend. By the end of the walk, I had a deep pain in my hip, I would guess it is the muscle which attaches my leg to the trunk of my body. I was given two disc’s to place at the source of my pain. To my surprise, within a matter of minutes I seemed to be pain free. I was in disbelief. I tested myself by sitting for 10-15 minutes, getting up and checking to see if I was in fact, pain free. After several failed attempts, I am convinced I felt better because of the disc’s”

Lissa R. Kunis – Sacramento, CA

“I am an equipment operator and I was driving for a long time and my sciatic nerve got pinched and Rudy gave me a disc. I put it on and my pain went away. I still have it on now, for a couple of days, that pain, let me tell you is not there!”

Fidel Martinez – San Jose, CA

“I am in the nursing field and I have pains all the time from different things I have to do at work. I hurt my sciatic nerve and after putting on the discs my pain went away in seconds. Thank you for making these discs available to me.”

Arlene Herrera – San Jose, CA

“I had to have knee surgery, and the pain didn’t go away, then I put on one of those relief discs, what a difference! It’s crazy! Don’t know how it works, but it really does.”

Gerardo Juarez – Santa Clara, CA

“Wow! I’m a firm believer in these patches, my bursitis shoulder pain was 8 on a scale of 1-10. Now it’s 100% better! Very impressive, no more cortisone shots!.”

Maddy – CA

“I’ve had pain for years in my back and headaches… these discs have given me relief that I haven’t had in years…”

Ken Foody – UT